General Information

Regular Updates of Contact Details

Please notify the office of any changes to address or phone numbers (including emergency contacts). We need to be able to contact you at all times in cases of emergency. The school operates a texting service to parents (who are priority contact 1) to keep you informed of events and messages will not get through to you if we do not have your current number.

Schools Financial Benchmarking Website

You can view the financial benchmarking information for the school here. This will enable you to compare income and expenditure with similar establishments in England.

School Day

School is open for 32.5 hours a week, which equates to 6.5 hours per day.

The morning session starts at 8.50am for Reception to Year 6.

Morning Nursery session starts a 8.45am.

Afternoon Nursery begins at 12.30pm.

Reception and KS1 start at 1pm for the afternoon session.

Key Stage 2 start at 1.15pm for the afternoon session.

The school day ends at 3.25pm.

You can drop your child at school between the following times: 8.35am - 8.55am

You can collect your child from school at 3.25pm

Staff will be on the playground to direct you to the correct drop off and collection point for your child.

Please let us know if your child is to be collected by someone different. Please contact school or speak to your child's class teacher in advance to inform them if this needs to happen. Staff will refuse to let children leave with adults they do not recognise. Also please ensure the person collecting the child is over 16 years of age.

Snow Arrangements

The caretaker and Principal will decide if it is safe enough to keep the school open. In the event of closure local radio stations will be informed, the latest news section of the website will be updated and parent text messages will be sent.

Information on treating head lice can be found HERE