Letter Join

Cursive Handwriting

In September 2018 we adopted a new cursive handwriting scheme. The scheme we are using is called ‘Letter Join’. We aim for our pupils to develop a neat, legible, speedy handwriting style using continuous cursive letters and also help children to see and remember spelling patterns. By the end of Year 6 pupils will understand the importance of neat presentation and the need for different letterforms (cursive, printed or capital letters) to help communicate meaning clearly.

Our teachers are expected to use neat, joined-up cursive writing for all handwriting tasks for example marking, comments, modelled writing.

Pupils should experience coherence and continuity in the learning and teaching of handwriting across all school and be encouraged to take pride in the presentation of their work. Our aim is to help pupils enjoy learning and developing their handwriting with a sense of achievement and pride.

Generally, the 'joined up' handwriting is taught in Key Stage Two, however, if a child is ready to join their letters earlier we will encourage them to do so.

If you would like to help your child to practice their cursive handwriting at home, please see the image below for the correct formation. If you have any questions or would like know to more about cursive handwriting, please feel free to ask our teaching staff.

Information for parents can be found HERE.