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Our school offers two-form entry for children aged 5 to 11 which includes 10 places for children who are profoundly deaf. We pride ourselves on our inclusive education and the positive attitudes towards inclusion that our pupils and parents have. We have high expectations of all of our children and expect them to achieve as well as they can.

Education is not just about examination results; we are proud, too, of the many extra-curricular activities our students can enjoy, in the arts, in sport, using computers and in visits and activities out of school. We engage children’s interest in learning through an exciting curriculum. We make sure that children are safe and well cared for during breakfast and After-School Clubs, the school day, holiday playschemes, sports and after-school activities.

Alongside our marvellous facilities and opportunities, we still hold firm to the traditional values of education, good behaviour, discipline and high standards. We aim to afford the children and adults who learn in our school the best possible educational opportunities. This website is part of that provision. Through it, you can find out about our current activities and future plans. You can find out about what is happening in different classes and you can communicate with us directly about any aspect of school life you wish to discuss.

Miss K Magner: Principal of the Federation

Mrs S Tarpey: Head of School

The Bentley Federation has a comprehensive and robust risk assessment in place to protect our school community during the Covid 19 Pandemic.

Click this text to see on outline of what our risk assessment includes:

  • Free flow start and finish times (8.30am-9.15am & 3.00pm – 3.30pm) clear entry/exit routes around school.

  • Class group bubbles in most year groups.

  • Seating plans in place for all pupils.

  • ‘Bubble Logs’ kept for easy identification of staff working in a bubble.

  • Staggered playtimes and lunchtimes for separate bubbles.

  • Pastoral support for children, parents and staff.

  • Enhanced cleaning all day

  • All classes have access to hot & cold lunches, delivered to class bubbles and eaten in the classroom.

  • All classrooms are fully resourced. Meaning teachers are not sharing resources across bubbles.

  • Full plans in place for Tier 1 & Tier 2 lockdown eventualities, including use of our home learning strategy through Google Classroom & SeeSaw. Current lesson slides uploaded to the class web page daily.

  • Focus on Social, Emotional and Mental Health in the classroom. Additional PSHE lessons taking place every day.

  • Carefully planned return to full curriculum but a focus on Reading, Writing and Maths every day.

  • Programme of safe & well & learning support calls for pupils and parents in self-isolation.

  • Limited number of meetings for staff & virtual where possible

  • Modifications to behaviour policy in light of Covid

  • Isolation room for suspected Covid cases plus first aid goes to student

  • PPE, sanitiser/wipes and snuffle station in every room for students and staff

  • Detailed and regular communication with parents via Parent Hub, newsletter and website