It is everybody's responsibility to keep our pupils safe. 

These are the key members of staff with a responsibility for Safeguarding. 

Federation Safeguarding Lead - Miss K Magner

Designated Safeguarding Lead - Mr L Molloy 

Deputy Safeguarding Lead - Miss J Ellis

At Bentley West, we are fully-committed to the safeguarding of our children.  It is important that pupils feel safe and supported in our school environment so that they are able to do their best and achieve their true potential.

Every member of staff at Bentley West, regardless of role has an in depth awareness of child protection and the importance of this is threaded throughout everything we do.  Our parents entrust us with the care of their children and by working together we can monitor the wellbeing of all.

Bentley West Primary aims to protect all its pupils by enabling staff to be vigilant for vulnerable students by empowering them through regular, ongoing training. Our pupils take part in regular assemblies and workshops which enable them to stay safe online, in school and at home.

BW CP Policy 2023.pdf

Technology plays an important part in the way we learn (and teach) at Bentley West, the use of technology is widespread throughout the school from Early years up to Year 6.

Our aim is to enable the children access to technology in a way which can enhance and engage them in learning - we endeavor to make them resilient and confident users who know how to behave appropriately, access information effectively and seek help and support when needed.

We work hard to ensure the children know how to stay safe online but are aware that this can only achieved if parents are also aware of the risks and continue to support us at home.