The Team

Miss K Magner 

Principal of the Federation

Mr L Molloy 

Head of School

Miss E Baxter

Assistant Head of School


Miss A Rolph - Federation Inclusion Lead

Miss J Jacks - SENDCo

Mrs W Mayou - Year 6 Teacher

Mrs L Wood - Year 6 Teacher

Mr Boucke - Year 5 Teacher

Mrs E Casewell - Year 5 Teacher

Miss Bracey - Year 4 Teacher

Miss C Tilt - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs J Mayo/Mrs S Dehal  - Year 3 Teacher

Miss S Hamson - Year 3 Teacher

Mrs L Taylor - Year 2 Teacher

Mrs K Slimak- Year 2 Teacher

Miss G McGovern  - Year 1 Teacher

Miss L Crossley - Year 1 Teacher

Mrs S Lees - Reception Teacher

Mrs H Neath - Reception Teacher  (Part Time) 

Mrs P Bagri - Reception Teacher  (Part Time) 

Mrs L Ward - Nursery Teacher (Part Time) 

Miss K Murphy - Nursery Teacher (Part Time)

Mrs J Turner - Teacher of the Deaf

Mrs S Richmond - Teacher of the Deaf

Mrs H Smith - Music Teacher

Miss S Reaney - Cover Teacher

Mrs A Martin - Cover Teacher

Federated Staff

Ms J Wall - Federation Business Manager

Mrs S Dehal - Early Years Foundation Stage Lead 

Mr K Minto - Lead Teacher 

Mrs K Wynne - Lead Teacher 

Mrs L Cox - Lead Teacher 

Mr C Thomas - Site Manager

Mrs D Walker – ICT & Creative Media Leader

Mr D Porter - IT HLTA

Mrs Z Andrews - Federation Administrator

Mrs C Keats - Administrator

Support Staff

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Mrs R Mills - EYFS

Mrs S Dawkins - Year 1 & 2

Mrs J Williams - Year 3 & 4 

Teaching Assistants

Mrs L Maskell 

Miss C Majchercyk 

Mr D Cox 

Mrs S Unitt 

Mrs S Hawkins  (Part Time)

Mr D Sherry

Mrs K Kaur

Mrs L Burns 

Mrs G Ford 

Miss H Richards 

Mrs K Bryan

Miss L Burgess (Part Time)

Mrs P Kapur

Miss Z Soorty

Mrs D Cooper

Early Years Teaching Assistants

Miss Powell 

Mrs K Simpson

Mrs C Hughes 

Mr T Jevons

Deaf Resource Provision Teaching Assistants

Miss K Mitchell

Mrs K Astbury 

Ms B Dowen 

Mr D Page - Deaf Instructor

Sports Coaches

Mr T Booth


Miss J Bunch - School Administrator

Mrs S Quinn - School Administrator

Mrs D Tillson - School Administrator

Mrs B Evans - School Administrator

Miss J Ellis - Deputy Safeguarding Lead


Mrs Jo Williamson - Place2be Councillor

Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs C Fry - Lunchtime Supervisor 

Miss C Smith - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs J Kaur - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs D Kaur - Lunchtime Supervisor

Ms H Pass - Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Z Farmer - Lunchtime Supervisor

Caretaking and Cleaning

Mrs T Jones - Senior Cleaner