Vision and Ethos

We are part of the Bentley Federation of Schools. The schools include Bentley West and King Charles Primary Schools and the Children’s Centre. Our school offers two-form entry for children aged 5 to 11 which includes 10 places for children who are profoundly deaf. We pride ourselves on our inclusive education and the positive attitudes towards inclusion that our pupils and parents have. We have high expectations of all of our children and expect them to achieve as well as they can.

Education is not just about examination results; we are proud, too, of the many extra-curricular activities our students can enjoy, in the arts, in sport, using computers and in visits and activities out of school. We engage children’s interest in learning through an exciting curriculum. We make sure that children are safe and well cared for during breakfast and After-School Clubs, the school day, holiday playschemes, sports and after-school activities.

At the Children’s Centre the purpose built daycare nursery offers full or part-time places for children aged 6 weeks to 3 years. Most children can then transfer to school nursery at either of the Federation schools. Children can enter reception class in September of the school year that they are five.

Ethos and Values

Every child matters to us; we want them to do his or her very best. We set high standards in all aspects of school life; in behaviour, in uniform, in completing homework, in caring for others. We believe that children learn better in an environment where the rules are clear and fair, and I hope that every pupil and every family will support us in this matter.

Our school holds the following awards: Artsmark Gold, Activemark Gold, Healthy Schools, Investors in People, E-Safety Mark and Sing Up Gold.

Alongside our marvellous facilities and opportunities, we still hold firm to the traditional values of education, good behaviour, discipline and high standards. We aim to afford the children and adults who learn in our school the best possible educational opportunities. This website is part of that provision. Through it, you can find out about our current activities and future plans. You can find out about what is happening in different classes and you can communicate with us directly about any aspect of school life you wish to discuss.

Miss K Magner

Principal of the Federation

Mrs S Tarpey

Acting Head of School

The History of Bentley West Primary School

Construction of Bentley West School began in mid 1961 and Phase One (six classrooms) was completed early in 1962, but was held up by bad weather in January. The school was very proud to celebrate its 50th Anniversary in 2012.

The school was commissioned by Staffordshire Education Authority as part of the education provision for the developing Bentley Common area which was, at that time, part of the Urban District of Darlaston.

The picture to the right shows the Headteacher, Mr Thompson, surrounded by his staff. The school would like to hear from former teaching staff, so if you recognise yourself or anyone else in the picture then please get in touch.

Development of the large area of land known as Bentley was begun just prior to the start of World War II when the land south of the main Wolverhampton/Walsall road was developed as housing by the local authority and a temporary (pre-fabricated) school was provided – Bentley Road North.

The development of land to the north of the main road was put on hold until the late 1940s when extensive clearance was planned for the old houses in Darlaston town centre and a school was planned based on the site of the old Bentley Hall. This school was opened in 1950 and at first was called Bentley South School. This was later renamed King Charles School.

The estate grew rapidly and by 1960, King Charles School was literally “bursting at the seams”. So, as the final stages of the estate were being completed, Bentley West School was opened at a site in Monmouth Road on the western area of Bentley.

The first children at the new school were transfers from King Charles School, mainly those under 9 years of age.

The Headteacher appointed was Mr. Horace Thompson who was the Headteacher at Bentley Road North School. He remained as Head of the school until his retirement in 1973.

The Original Staff at Bentley West School, 1962

Mr. J. S. Smith was appointed Deputy Head having previously been in a similar post at Old Church School in Darlaston. He remained until his promotion to Headteacher at New Invention School, Willenhall, in 1971. By this time, Bentley West was considerably extended both in building and numbers of pupils.

Phase Two of building construction began in 1965 with the start of the Junior School, adding a further eight classrooms, making fourteen classrooms in all.

In 1966, due to boundary changes, Darlaston became part of the Metropolitan Borough of Walsall and education passed from Staffordshire County to Walsall LEA. Plans for Phase Two of the building were modified by the new Authority resulting in the postponement of the final four classrooms and meaning that two classes had to be accommodated in the hall.

At that time there was no nursery provision and no Hearing Impaired Unit.

After 1966 the almost exclusive Darlaston population of Bentley began to change as more families from other parts of Walsall started to move in.

Bentley West retained its original name only after extensive discussions in the early 1960s. Following the renaming of Bentley South School to King Charles, it was felt that Bentley West should have some historical connection – Jane Lane School or Monmouth Road School (Jane Lane being the daughter of Colonel Lane of Bentley Hall, who helped Charles II escape the Parliamentarians pursuing him; Monmouth was the name of the ill-fated Duke of Monmouth who was an illegitimate son of Charles II and tried to seize the crown from James II).

In the end, the historical connection was even older. The old Saxon name of BENT-LEY was retained – an open space (LEY) of rough grasses (BENT).