Our Governing Body

You can contact our Chair of the Governing body by contacting the school office directly. or 01922 720792

Our Chair of the Governing body for The Bentley Federation is Mr M Lee.

Our Governors

governor committee structure.pdf


Governor Declorations of Intrest.pdf

Click HERE for our governing body attendance record over the last year.

Click HERE for the constitution of our governing body.

What our Governors do:

Our Governors meet at least once a term to make decisions on how our schools are run - this involves:

Deciding what is taught, setting standards of conduct, interviewing and selecting staff, deciding how the school budget is spent, ensuring the school complies with all its legal obligations, monitoring and evaluating the work of the school

Our Governing body also has committees which consider specific areas, for instance Health and Safety, finance and personnel. Our governing body makes its decisions based on the advice of these committees.

Our Governing body is made up of:

Parents of children attending our schools, staff, governors appointed by the Local Authority and governors from the local community - governors are elected every four years.

  • If you are interested in becoming a school governor please contact the school office for further details.