What are Governors?

Every school has a governing body. They meet at least once a term to make decisions on how the school is run. This involves:

  • Deciding what is taught
  • Setting standards of conduct
  • Interviewing and selecting staff
  • Deciding how the school budget is spent
  • Ensuring the school complies with all its legal obligations
  • Monitoring and evaluating the work of the school

The Governing body also has committees which consider specific areas, for instance Health and Safety, finance and personnel. The governing body then makes its decisions based on the advice of these committees.

The Governing Body consist of:

  • Parents of children attending the school
  • Staff
  • Governors appointed by the Local Authority
  • Governors from the community

Governors are elected every four years.

If you are interested in becoming a school governor please ask at the school office for further details.


Our Governing Body

Mr Mike Lee (Co-opted Governor) – Chair of Governors, Principal Link Governo

Mrs Kath Hunt (Co-opted Governor) – Vice Chair of Governors

Chair of Finance Committee, Early Years Link Governor, Literacy Link Governor

Mr Rod Dickson (Co-opted Governor) – Principal Bentley Federation

Miss Kate Magner (Headteacher) – King Charles Primary School

Mrs Laura Bayliss (Headteacher) – Bentley West Primary School

Mr Peter Madeley (Co-opted Governor) – Chair of Health and Safety, Safeguarding Link Governor

Mr Steve Mornington (King Charles Parent Governor) – Chair of Curriculum and Standards, Maths Link Governor

Mrs Tracey Grant (King Charles Parent Governor) – Science Link Governor

Mrs Johanna Buckley (Bentley West Parent Governor)

Mrs Theresa Mutasa (Bentley West Parent Governor)

Mrs Andria Holmes (Co-opted Governor) – Bentley Child Care Manager